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Newport Fabric Sofa
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Newport Fabric Sofa

Static or Motion Lounger Sofa

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Our Newport sofa is a tried, tested and a well-loved sofa. It is beautifully designed with a slight curve to the top and fronts of the arms. The sides have piping detail around the outside of the arm, which is something you don’t see on every sofa.

The feather-filled scatter and bolster cushions are included in the sofa and can be either different on the face or be the same as the main body allowing you to add your pillows to match your existing décor.

The sofa and cushions have a piped edging adding a subtle detail giving the edges a finished look. The seat cushions are made from foam with a fibre wrap, providing the best of both worlds. The foam helps retain the cushions’ fullness with the fibre giving a softer feel without compromising the cushions’ structure. The cushions being both foam and fibre-wrapped means you can flip them over and get even wear from them, increasing the sofa’s life.

The Newport can come in two styles. You can choose between Formal and Pillow back sofa versions.

Static or Motion Lounger

The Newport sofa comes in either a static frame. A static or fixed structure is how most sofas are made, but you can opt for the motion lounger. The motion lounger has become the more popular of the two options. It differs from a regular recliner sofa as it does not lower the back support but still brings up an extended footrest.

This allows you to put your feet up but remain upright, which our customers have found to be a more pleasurable experience than being fully reclined at the back. Along with the buttons to operate the motion footrest, a USB socket is built into the side, allowing you to charge any phones or tablets you may be using.

The motion lounger is not battery operated and requires a mains power socket. The cable is approximately 3 meters long and only requires one socket to work on both sides.

The static comes with a 15-year frame guarantee, and the motion lounger has a 3-year frame guarantee.

We strongly advise everyone looking to buy a new sofa to sit on it and view the fabrics in person. Even with the best photography set up, fabric colours and designs can be misrepresented in photos, and well, you can’t test the comfort from your computer or phone screen.



3 Seater Sofa £1,209 £1,209 £1,269 N/A
2 Seater Sofa £1079 £1079 £1,119 N/A
Cuddler £889 £889 £919 N/A
Chair £739 £739 £759 N/A
Designer Chair £689 £689 £689 £689
3 Seater Motion Lounger Sofa £1,609 £1,609 £1,669 N/A
2 Seater Motion Lounger Sofa £1,479 £1,479 £1,529 N/A
Cuddler Motion Lounger £1089 £1089 £1109 N/A
Chair Motion Lounger £939 £939 £969 N/A
Designer Stool £429 £429 £429 £429
Storage Stool £369 £369 £389 £389


Fabric Options

Standard Fabrics

The standard fabrics come in  colours and textures and are the most cost effective option from the fabrics below.

Velvet Fabrics

The velvet fabrics add richness to not only the look but the feel of the sofa. Velvet sofas are the go to for that cosy warm feeling. There is nothing like a velvet sofa in the winter, relaxing with a hot chocolate and blanket watching a winter movie. Almost makes us look forward to those dark, cold nights.

If a statement piece with a pop of colour in your Livingroom is what you’re after then the mustards and deep reds are winners. Our personal favourite are the green fabrics, we love those earthy tones.

Forever Fabrics

The forever fabrics are a range 0f 100% recycled fabrics that our supplier has exclusively to them. The fabric is made from ocean plastic, but unlike plastic the forever fabric has a soft touch but is still able to be extremely hard wearing.

The forever fabric range has the same technical performance as fabric made from virgin polyester, however, it creates 75% less co2 emissions compared to virgin polyester.

The plastic and waste materials that go into this fabric are

  •  Regular recycled post consumer plastic bottles (PET)
  •  Recycled post consumer plastic from ocean waste (upcycled marine PET)
  •  Upcycled cotton from garments


Aqua Clean Fabrics

Our sofa supplier is the largest supplier of Aquaclean sofas in the U.K.

Aquaclean Technology is a revolutionary fabric treatment that allows you to clean everyday stains using only water. It’s a treatment that covers every fibre with an invisible molecular layer that prevents the dirt from penetrating fabric. This provides you with simple fabric maintenance in the minimum amount of time.

Aquaclean fabrics use SAFE FRONT®, which protects against viruses and bacteria as standard, effectively reducing its activity. On the other hand, the AQUACLEAN component limits the penetration of viruses and bacteria into the fabric.

Accent Fabrics

Accent fabrics can help the sofa become part of the space and bring the sofa and room together. Having multiple colours in each fabric allows you not to tie yourself down too much with accent colours within the room.

The most popular option recently has been to keep it simple, get the scatter cushions done in the same fabric as the main sofa, and add your own cushions later.

Foot options

The Newport is available in Smoke and Light hardwood foot options.

Don’t forget we strongly advise everyone looking to buy a new sofa to sit on it and view the fabrics in person. Even with the best photography set up, fabric colours and designs can be misrepresented in photos, and well, you can’t test the comfort from your computer or phone screen.>

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