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Who we are
We Are A Unique Furniture Company
Called an Aladdin's cave by our customers, we are a unique furniture company that offers beautiful furniture and accessories that you won't see elsewhere.
Light and Bright
The Mayfair Range
The new kid on the shop floor. The Mayfair range takes its inspiration from scandinavian designs. This range is light and bright, and will sit well in areas where space is at a premium. The rounded edge help the mayfair range seem less intrusive in those areas.
Choose To Be Different
The Montana Range
In a world where everything is the same, choose to stand out. Available in light or dark, the Montana range is truly unique. Every piece has a different grain pattern, meaning that you are not tied into one shade. This is especially true of the Montana light, it is a very versatile finish. So versatile, that it is rare that the montana light, will not tie in with your current decor.
Tactile Range
The Massive Range
The Massive range is a very tactile range, it just screams out for you to touch it. It has a rasied grain top, smoth steel legs and soft covered seats. The problem won't be getting people over for dinner, it will be getting them to leave.
Traditional Oak
The Burley Range
The Burley Oak Range has a timeless design with traditional accents. The front has faux pegged joints, with shaker style doors. The drawers come supplied with both knob and D-cup handles. Just by changing the handles, can change the entire look of the piece.
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